Marketing Resources

Streaming platform exposure

Songs pre-release

Before the album release, we can help you to pre-release few new songs on the music streaming platform, which arouse the audience's expectations for the new album.

Streaming Platform Exposure

We arrange advertisement on the official website and platform of the streaming service so that users can see the product when start their music service.

Music playlist positioning

We will regularly update the playlists on streaming platforms so that your product would be known by audience in diffiernt ways.

Web of RBT Service Exposure

If you have put your product onto the telecoms' RBT service, we can also help you to arrange the advertisement banner on the official website.

Media Exposure

Owned community platform exposure

Exposing your product on our own social community platform.

Schedul the online events

We can schedule the online events so that audience can become more familiar with singers and their works through singers' conversations and interactions on the show.

News release publish

We provide the press-release writting and publishing so that the products would increase more opportunity to expose.

MCN / Content id

We provide the Multi-Channel Network, channel management and contend id service,
you can earn money from your YouTube channel.

Advertising project planning

Release press conference

We can help you to hold the performance and invite the peers to participate, it's a good chance to take the opportunity to promote the production.

Media Interview

The audience can understand more about the artist and the productions from the media interview.

Signing mini-concert

Arrange live events and invite fans to be entertained, narrowing the distance between fans and artists.

Online Program "ROCK LIVE" Arrangement

Arrange for an online music program "ROCK LIVE", and take the video at the ROCK RECORDS live shed.

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