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Please be aware that licensor name can NOT be edit in the future once submitted. Please make sure the information you provided is correct. If you are under the age of 20, please contact us before you sign up.

Caution! Your Licensor Name or Licensor Company Name must be identical to your ID and Beneficiary Name. You'll be asked to register a new account if you failed to provide the correct name.

Non-Taiwan Licensors must provide the name in English, or the application will be rejected.

Please select an agreement that apply to your licensing terms and conditions, Check our Guide page for more information.

A. License Agreement for Digital Rights:If you own or control BOTH sound recording and publishing rights of your work, please use Agreement A.

B. License Agreement for Sound Recordings:if you own or control ONLY the sound recording rights of your work, whereas the publishing rights is entrusted to a local collection society or a publishing organization, please use Agreement B.